The Washington Romance Writers’ Marlene is a must-enter contest for many unpublished writers every year, and one reason for that is the quality of the feedback they get from our fabulous judges.

Will you help a new writer by reviewing her manuscript? Besides working from home in your bunny slippers :-), you can choose your category:

Contemporary Single Title Romance – Ann Leslie Tuttle, Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret

Contemporary Single Title Romance – Emily Sylvan Kim, Prospect Agency

Historical Romance – Erin Molta, Entangled

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements – Rebecca Strauss, DeFiore Literary

Paranormal/Speculative Romance – Tina Moss, City Owl Press

Young Adult - Tara Gelsomino, One Track Literary

Contemporary Short Romance – TBD

Erotic Romance – TBD

Romantic Suspense - TBD


To sign up, contact us.