How to Join or Renew Your Membership

WRW is an organization for both published and unpublished writers, as well as editors, agents, booksellers, and others interested in women’s fiction, especially romance. The membership includes writers of all levels of accomplishment, from those working on their first manuscript to award-winning authors of more than one hundred books.
WRW’s goals are to advance its members’ professional interests, to provide them with opportunities to hone their craft, and to act as a clearing house for information about fiction markets and the publishing industry. In addition, WRW supports the mission of Romance Writers of America to promote excellence in romantic fiction and help writers establish careers in their writing fields.

Toward these goals, WRW has created an extensive resource network with benefits designed to meet members’ needs. Among other things, WRW provides members with a monthly newsletter; regular meetings covering all aspects of writing; critique group coordination; day-long workshops; an annual weekend retreat; and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to form supportive professional relationships with other writers.

WRW has two categories of membership, as follows:

Full Member: Anyone who is a general member of RWA. This includes anyone seriously pursuing a writing career in romance writing. A Full Member enjoys all membership privileges, including the rights to vote and hold office.

Associate Member: Anyone who is an associate member of RWA, including agents, booksellers, editors, other industry professionals, and writers of other genres. An Associate Member enjoys all membership privileges, except the rights to vote and hold office.  If you would like to join WRW as an Associate Member, please contact our Membership Chair at with your request.

New Members – Click Here to Join Us!

Once there, click “Join Chapter”. To join WRW, you must first be a member of our national group, RWA. You can join RWA here.

The fee for new members is $45. Your membership is good for one year.

Existing Members – Click Here to Renew!

Once there, click “Join Chapter”. The cost to renew on your anniversary date is $35. Your anniversary date is the date you joined. If you were a member prior to December 2018, your anniversary date is July 1st. If you miss the renewal period, the cost rises to $45.

Click here for a copy of the WRW Bylaws. WRW adheres to the RWA Code of Conduct.

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