Tap Tap Tap – Is This Thing On?

Hey Folks!

My name is Nate, and I am the new Program Director for WRW. I just want to give you a heads up that changes are coming.

While WRW has been meeting every month during the pandemic, you might not get that impression from the website. Some parts of the site such as the blog had not been updated since 2020.

That is going to change going forward. Starting today we will be publishing regular updates about meetings, and (hopefully) once or twice a month we’ll publish a guest blog post.

Other changes are also in the works. Stay tuned!

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Nate Hoffelder

​Nate has been helping people fix broken tech since 2010. He turns broken down Wordpress sites into sites which convert visitors into superfans, also builds sites from scratch, and helps authors with their social media and newsletters. Nate is the president of the Riverside Writers Club in Fredericksburg VA​, and is on the board of the Florida Writers Foundation​. When he is not volunteering, he writes bad jokes on Twitter and creates memes and graphics.

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