WRW Picnic and Reunion a Wonderful Success  

Was it 27 or 28 people who gathered for the WRW picnic and reunion at Lubber Run in Arlington? Hard to do a headcount as groups of people swirled about, forming and reforming as old friends met new members. Entire worlds were conquered and delicious foods were provided and consumed in a beautiful picnic pavilion on a warm summer afternoon. We were all delighted to participate in the first WRW event since the pandemic, and are eager for more opportunities!
To see some of the attendees, check the photo page at https://washingtonromancewriters.com/?page_id=6116

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Nate Hoffelder

​Nate has been helping people fix broken tech since 2010. He turns broken down Wordpress sites into sites which convert visitors into superfans, also builds sites from scratch, and helps authors with their social media and newsletters. Nate is the president of the Riverside Writers Club in Fredericksburg VA​, and is on the board of the Florida Writers Foundation​. When he is not volunteering, he writes bad jokes on Twitter and creates memes and graphics.

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